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Value For Money

Unlikely as it may sound

Chances are we’ll be able to reduce your properties annual running costs whilst also increasing the number of hours contractors (like cleaners) spend there. We achieve this through:

We’ll take the time to structure the service charge budget in such a way that it’s cost effective, and doesn’t carry any fat (like unnecessary or overpriced maintenance contracts).

When we take on a new property, we don’t take the easy route and award all the maintenance contracts to people we already know. Instead all prospective contractors must tender independently in a ‘competitive’ environment (regardless of whether or not we’ve used them before) – meaning you get the best value for money.

Rather than large national suppliers we always try to appoint local, independent specialists. Typically, they offer better value for money  as overheads are lower – and they haven’t got as far to travel meaning they’ll bill you less. Many smaller firms and ‘independents’ also don’t charge, which reduces your costs by 20%.

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