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About HAUS:

We’re dedicated to providing residents and owners an excellent Residential Management Service

Established in 2008 and Privately we manage 220 residential and mixed-use buildings in and around central London. We’re based on The Kingsland Road (near Islington), and offer great local block management within a 60 minute drive of our office.

We’ re only accepting new management instructions from Residents & Management Companies, have a longstanding team of experienced professionals split  – and are so confident that we’re able to offer a great service, that we’ll guarantee it.

To provide Residents & Property owners in London with an outstanding residential block management service
To concentrate on Residents & Owners, property thats close to our office – and to take a proactive hands-on approach with it. Speak in plain English, be accessible to our clients and when something goes wrong, put it right quickly. Don’t give your Property Management Team so much property it cant function!

It’s not a gimmick or trick, and we really are confident enough in our offering to offer a no strings-attached guarantee

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We’ve got a robust team of experienced professionals – many of whom are also Shareholders, meaning they’re (literally) invested into making sure you have positive experience with us

An experienced customer-focussed Team 

One of our greatest strengths is our staff. Our whole team are experienced, user-friendly, and committed to ensuring you’re happy with the service

  • Tried and tested Industry Professionals with a strong customer service focus
  • Experience in dealing with a wide array of different property types
  • Senior staff are shareholders, and genuinely care about our business
  • Low volumes of property per property manager and client accountant
Meet The Team
A Cut Above

My previous experiences with property management companies has not been good, but then I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Haus. It’s still early days but what a breath of fresh air. After successfully guiding us through the RTM process, they’ve now taken over management of our building, systematically undoing the damage caused by the previous companies. Haus are approachable and genuinely seem to care about being great at what they do – getting results for us quickly, professionally and to a high standard, with consideration for good value.

Property management as it should be!

A Refreshing Change

We have been working with Haus now for over a year. As leaseholders and freeholders of properties in and around London we have worked with a number of Freehold Management Companies. Most we have found do very little to warrant the fees they collect. Haus on the other hand are a refreshing change, they are very proactive, they send letters, make calls to update you, arrange and attend meetings and go over and above what they have been asked to do.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone thinking of using them to manage your block, or if you are a leaseholder and are wondering what they would be like.

We appointed Haus a few months ago to takeover a block in Ilford that had become rundown due to very poor management by another property management company with national reach but dodgy practices and incompetent staff.

Haus was able to apprehend the situation quickly, implement solutions to long standing problems and work with us to establish a way forward to ensure quality management.

My dealings with Richard Delaney, Mez Patel and Gareth Martin have been remarkable. They have been proactive, responsive, accountable and willing to go the length to ensure customer satisfaction. Great team!

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