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Excellent Service and Communications

I live in a Grade II listed building and we used to run our own Management Company, however things became complicated with the legal processes of buying and selling and we were finding it difficult to find the time to manage the process properly, collect overdue service charges and deal with a roof that needed repairing (not an easy task if your building is listed!)

We appointed HAUS as they were the best fit from the companies we interviewed. Since HAUS have taken over the have been extremely proactive in dealing with the local council, surveyors, english heritage for the roof, our car park and communal hallway is spotlessly clean and all the other little jobs that took us forever to organise are simply done when requested. HAUS have made a huge difference to the lives of everyone in the building and mean that we can enjoy living in our flats again and not worry or spend time dealing with maintenance or issues that naturally arise.

I have dealt mainly with Eliane and Luke, both of whom know what they’re doing and always reply back promptly to emails or phone calls.

I would highly recommend HAUS as the service is excellent and they have a great network of trusted subcontractors who cannot be faulted.

Andrew, N1
Excellent Service

I own a flat in Vector Point ever since Haus took over there has been a glaring and clear difference in terms of the management here.

Thank you 🙂

Jubnl, IG1
Vector Point

Compared with the last management company Haus management have been God sent. Mez Patel has responded professionaly to the needs of the problems we have had. Would recommend Haus management highly.

Gita, IG1
Thank you!!!!
After having an awful experience with a previous management company i honestly can not fault any of the service received since the take over. Haus are easy to contact, always respond in a timely manner and do not hesitate to go the extra mile.
Tasleem, N1
Great first impressions

We have just started to work with Haus Block over the last four weeks as they begin to take over the management of the building which contains 24 flats, and the service has been very good. Richard from Haus has attended the building on several occasions, has made an effort to meet all the directors of the residents association and has been generally very helpful offering sound advice. What our previous management company made hard work and slow progress, Richard has been solution focused. A couple of quick wins by this company include resolving a guttering issue that the previous company failed to deal with and finding a solution that is significantly cheaper, and also a better grasp of how to save money to reduce the service charge bill. Well done Haus, it’s still early days but we are impressed by what we have seen so far

Brad, IG1
aus Block Management – High Quality Service

We appointed Haus a few months ago to takeover a block in Ilford that had become rundown due to very poor management by another property management company with national reach but dodgy practices and incompetent staff.

Haus was able to apprehend the situation quickly, implement solutions to long standing problems and work with us to establish a way forward to ensure quality management. My dealings with Richard Delaney, Mez Patel and Gareth Martin have been remarkable. They have been proactive, responsive, accountable and willing to go the length to ensure customer satisfaction. Great team!

Emmanuel, IG1
Very easy to contact and quick to assist

I have been living in a property managed by Haus Block for 2 years now and must say I am very happy with their management and service.

Emma, N1

On the ball, professional and genuinely interested
in improving the experience of the Blocks they manage.

Highly Recommended!!

Vinnie, E7

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Excellent Service

The HAUS team offers an amazing customer service, transparency in their dwellings and willingness to help at all times! I recommend HAUS!

Turia, N16
HAUS – Grasping the chalice and taking responsibility for the content

Haus walk a delicate line at Ment where the Landlord is the contracting party. Historically the Landlord has been in charge of the maintenance and liaised with the Residents’ Association with all the expected challenges.

2013 saw Haus stand in the middle between the RA and the Landlord, developing an improved relationship with both sides. We’ve still got challenges, but then again, who doesn’t. What we have had is a good level of pragmatic discussion around issues and resolution of some significant running issues that the RA had been burning its own time on for a long while. In summary, you shouldn’t blame the piano player for a bad tune and with Ment, they have made it easier to listen to and improved it. Not the finished article, but getting there.

Thanks to Gareth, Richard and the team.

Mike N, E8
Takes the stress out of block management

These guys have really worked hard to deal with all the issues that have arisen promptly and efficiently.

They have put in place budgets that provide the right cover for the building and take into account the thoughts of all the leaseholders on an ongoing basis.

I would really recommend them.

Sarah, PE2
Amazing management

Haus have been nothing but efficient and professional since taking over our block management.

Eliane has been very helpful, consistently communicating all progress and developments whilst making herself readily available to discuss any issues that need addressing.

Very pleased we switched to Haus

Joe H, N1
Great so far

In comparison to our last property management company, Oakforest, who were a bunch of incompetents (and at worst crooks), Haus have been absolutely amazing. Such a sea change for all the tenant in our building.

Haus are friendly, listening and most importantly actually do what they say they are going to. I highly, highly recommend this company

Andrew, E1
Professional friendly service. As landlord of a property located with an HBM managed block, I have found the service to be friendly and professional on the few occasions I have had to contact them. Issues have been addressed and satisfactorily resolved with no fuss.
Vic, E3
Much improved service. Haus started as our managing agents in April. They were hindered by our previous agents but still managed to provide a better service to us than the previous company. The transition was easy, wish we had done it earlier.
Maria, SE20
Strong Start

Haus came in to take over the running of our block and immediately went to work on sorting out long standing issues with maintenance and unpaid service charges, it’s been great so far having them here

Michael, SE20
Good all round service

My experience has been good. The customer service is delivered at a high standard.

When ever I’ve had a issue, they’ve tried to resolve it straight away

Koisar, E7
I must admit i probably had some bad experience in the past but Haus Block Management is extremely sharp and helpful. I am a professional travelling a lot for work and (probably not only) for me efficency is everything: I found as soon as you ask for anything they never let it go so you don’t need to chase wasting precious time.
Paolo, E9
Excellent company to work with, well organised and great communication. I’ve been working with this company for a few months now and every contact we have had has been easy and a real pleasure.There is a fantastic team there, in particular Valeria has been my main contact and has been extremely helpful at times when I’ve had questions.
Chris, E7
So far so Great!

We joined Haus at the beginning of this year having had a very bad experience with our previous property management company. The contrast is extreme! Haus have been truly amazing so far, it’s not rocket science, it’s just really good service……

Tim, E1
Excellent block management

I honestly can not fault the service of Haus in any way. They have turned around the management of our block after years oh shoddy management in just months! Truly committed professionals in every way! Thank you to the whole team!

Ash, E8
I am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism, efficiency and willingness to help. Compared to other property managers I have worked with in the past I can confidently say that Haus Block management have exceeded our expectations.

Thank you for your hard work.

Kamal, E15
Refreshing Change

We have been working with Haus now for over a year. As leaseholders and freeholders of properties in and around London we have worked with a number of Freehold Management Companies. Most we have found do very little to warrant the fees they collect. Haus on the other hand are a refreshing change, they are very proactive, they send letters, make calls to update you, arrange and attend meetings and go over and above what they have been asked to do.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone thinking of using them to manage your block, or if you are a leaseholder and are wondering what they would be like.

Paul, PE2
A Cut Above

My previous experiences with property management companies has not been good, but then I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Haus. It’s still early days but what a breath of fresh air. After successfully guiding us through the RTM process, they’ve now taken over management of our building, systematically undoing the damage caused by the previous companies. Haus are approachable and genuinely seem to care about being great at what they do – getting results for us quickly, professionally and to a high standard, with consideration for good value.

Property management as it should be!

Jon S, E1

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I have found Haus Block Management to be informative patience throughout my dealings with them.

They attend site and provide a happy reliable team with quick response times ensuring tenants and leaseholders have comfortable living at all times.

Sandra, E11
Haus Management have been working on a small block of three properties for me in the Islington area over the last 12 months. They have been extremely professional and efficient in their dealings with myself and the other Leaseholders. I would definitely recommend them to others
Alan, N7
I rate the performance of Haus Management Company as excellent.

So far ,very helpful and diligent.

I would have no hesitation in continuing using your services nor in recommending you to others.

Danuta, E15
Extremely efficient,
and cost effective
block management
Irene, N1
Very happy with the service, would recommend to anyone looking for a competent block manager
Paul, PE2
very good

very efficient to problem solving
gets the job done

Sarb, E7
Great service

Very happy with the service

Thanks for all your work

David, E9
Very responsive and reliable form

Richard has been most helpful.

Craig, N1
I would recommend this company- great service.
Very quick at responding to emails
Rana, WC1
Excellent Service

I Can’t fault the service in anyway. HAUS are willing to go that extra mile to make sure they resolve the problems. A truly professional team in my opinion.

Mez Patel is our block manager and I can honestly say I find her very knowledgeable and follows things up very quickly she ticks all the right boxes. Would recommend this company to anyone

Charles, SE20
An example of how a block management company should be run

Superb communication and a speedy response to any issues that arise, I fully recommend Haus for any landlords seeking a Block Management company to oversee their properties.

Haus deal with my entire portfolio and are leading the way in how this industry should be run. Many thanks

Chris, IG4
Highly recommended

Eliane has just started managing my block, and after a few initial challenges with regard to securing funding for maintenance, she has proved to be attentive, helpful, and able to get things done quickly.

I was initially dubious about the role that HAUS would play, having not previously been a leaseholder in a managed block, but Eliane has helped to assuage any concerns I may have had

Simon, E11

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