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FREE Help with Right to Manage Applications

If you’re unhappy with the management of your property, but you don’t currently have the power to choose a better managing agent, fear not.

As long as 50% of the leaseholders in the building are in agreement, its your statutory right to take over its management using something called the Right to Manage Process

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6 Reasons why you you’d benefit from taking over the management of your property 

Service Charges Generally Reduce

Most groups of residents reduce service charges considerably when they take over management of their own building. This is because they (or their agent) will be free to put maintenance contracts out to tender, and carefully plan the service charge regime

You’re in control of Key decisions

 You’ll be able to sign off all the big decisions like; setting the service charge budget, deciding how much is set aside in a reserve fund, the priority order of maintenance works, which contractors to use, and when major works are undertaken.

Your property will be more saleable

When you win the right to manage your own property its permanent. Its not going to double in value, however years of bad press has led some buyers to be wary of freeholder managed buildings and their service charge regimes. Ask any Estate Agent.

You’ll get better service

When you form a Right to Manage Company you (as a body of residents) will be free to appoint a Managing Agent of your choosing. You’ll get a better service because you’ll have an agent whose working for you – not The Freeholder

Better representation over estate charges

If you live on an estate and pay estate charges, you’re in a much better position to challenge them as a Right To Manage Company because you have a collective voice, and a managing agent thats paid to represent your position

Better representation over building snags

If you have recently completed on a newly built property you’ll also get better representation over building snags – again, because you’ll have agent working for you who’ll fight your corner more effectively than the Freeholders Agent.

How Can HAUS Help

Haus helps groups of leaseholders who are at all stages of the process. In some instances we’re asked to offer advice or contacts to help secure victory in an application which has already been made. More commonly we’re approached by a handful of residents who don’t have much more than a belief that their building could be managed better.

At any given point we’re working with varying sized groups of residents all across London – and as this is written we’re helping around 40 properties secure a successful RTM application. In most of these cases we’re active in both helping them gather together the 50% of residents necessary to mover forward, and helping them through the legal process

  • Advice on how to take the first steps
  • Practical assistance canvassing the building to ascertain support for a takeover. We have have great ‘multi facetted’ systems (incorporating social media, direct mail and knocking on doors) to get in touch with residents and owners.
  • Referrals and contacts. If you need a referal to an independent lawyer or other specialist who specialist we know plenty
  • Informal advice on some of the technicalities and grey areas. We’re not legally qualified, but we deal with lots of clients involved in the RTM process so have a good practical overview of its pitfalls and stumbling blocks
  • Negotiating with freeholder over the terms of your management Takeover, and when it happens
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About Us

Established  in 2008, we’re based near Shoreditch and manage just under 150 properties and Estates all across London. 99% of our clients are Residents Groups and Management Companies –  and as you’ll see from our reviews we offer an excellent customer-focused service.

We offer our help during the RTM process Free of Charge. Once you’ve successfully taken over management of your property we’d like to be instructed as the first property Manager you appoint as a Residents Group. You’re under no obligation to continue using us though (we don’t tie you in), and our service stands on its own merits.

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