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Portfolio Management

Lettings Portfolio Management for residential landlords   


Our Portfolio Management team looks after lettings investments in properties we block manage. We’ve considerable in-house experience in this field, and have previously managed lettings campaigns across whole residential developments

We can offer you a better, more streamlined way of managing you lettings investments – which as well as significantly reducing your service charge contribution, limits your risk exposure, and makes it easier to pay your charges.

  • Less void periods
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Easier Fault Reporting
  • Properly Checked AST
  • Lower Service Charges

Why HAUS Portfolio Management

1. LESS VOIDS AND BETTER RENTS – We deploy a tried and tested ‘panel-management’ approach to lettings , and will organise a panel of 3 or 4 agents to generate maximum marketing exposure for your property when your tenancy ends. This is a similar system to the one used by institutional investors (like pension funds) and reliably delivers the best results

2. LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS – When things need repairing inside the property, our contractors are more than likely cheaper than those used by letting agents as they supply services to us at trade prices.

3.  REGULAR INSPECTIONS – Most letting agents only visit their properties when they’re marketing them. We’re on site at most of the buildings we manage at least once a month – so we’ll be able to offer your tenants a more hands-on service.

4. EASIER FAULT REPORTING – When we also manage your rental tenants, it’s easier for them to report faults (they wont have to report them via a third party agent)- and we’re often able to diagnose problems more quickly as we manage the entire building. 

5. SIMPLER SERVICE CHARGE PAYMENTS – On Instruction we can make payments against your service charge balance directly from your rental income 

6. PROPERLY CHECKED AST – We’ll make sure that your tenants are always occupying your property under a tenancy agreement that properly reflects your obligations under the lease. Something which your existing agents are very unlikely to do, and which (unless you’re taking the time to do it yourself) is highly likely to be currently creating some level of risk!  

Superb communication and a speedy response to any issues that arise, I fully recommend Haus for any landlords seeking a Block Management company to oversee their properties.

Haus deal with my entire portfolio and are leading the way in how this industry should be run. Many thanks.

Chris Valentini
I am a landlord amongst a group who have hired Haus to run the upkeep and refurbishment.

Our block manager is Mez Patel and she has been professional and genuinely caring about what is best for the group. If you’re looking for a company to manage your block, I recommend giving Haus a try.

Teji Dhaliwal

Lower Service Charges

When you instruct our portfolio management team, we’ll make a rebate to you of the element of your service charge which is fees. For example, if the fee for your building is £360 per property, we’ll refund this amount to you as a direct payment against your service charge balance, as soon as you formally instruct us

How to switch 

Switching is easy. All you have to do is let us know when your property is likely to be next available, and we’ll take it from there. Keep in mind, our approach can be inclusive of any existing arrangements you have with letting agents (and want to keep in place) as they can form part of our marketing panel on your request.

We may also be able to take over management of a tenancy mid-term, and still demonstrate an annual fee-reduction.  We’d have to review your existing terms and conditions to advise on this though


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