Project Description

Vector Point, Ilford

SIZE: 24 units                                                                        AREA: Ilford, IG1                                                             CLIENT: RMC

A modern development of 24 flats in a single high-rise tower.

The Residents Management Company had experienced numerous ‘major’ issues with their existing agents who were a large firm of Block Managers.  The building had been neglected and a huge water ingress problem had not been resolved for some months. Financial management was poor, there were two separate a rodent problems, the bin areas were constantly jammed to the rafters, and most damaging – there was complete mistrust in the management regime.

Our first objective was to rebuild trust as we knew that without this it would be impossible to make long term progress. As the previous agent were also incredibly slow handing over funds, we arranged a credit line with contractors and set about rectifying some of the buildings worst problems as quickly as possible Within less than a month we had; remedied the leak (an issue which had stumped the last agent for nearly 6 months), modified the bin areas so as to permanently increase capacity and ease of use, given the common parts a (very) deep clean and restructured the cleaning contracts so a supplier visited more frequently for the same cost, and made significant headway with one (of two!) rodent problems. We also re-tendered nearly all of the buildings contracts, and in doing so were able to demonstrate a saving on most of the items contained in the budget.

There is still work to do, however leaseholders now trust the management (which means they pay their service charges), and the building is properly cared for with healthy finances.

Haus Block Management – High Quality Service

We appointed Haus a few months ago to takeover a block in Ilford that had become rundown due to very poor management by another property management company with national reach but dodgy practices and incompetent staff.

Haus was able to apprehend the situation quickly, implement solutions to long standing problems and work with us to establish a way forward to ensure quality management. My dealings with Richard Delaney, Mez Patel and Gareth Martin have been remarkable. They have been proactive, responsive, accountable and willing to go the length to ensure customer satisfaction. Great team!

Emmanuel, RMC Director - Vector Point


  • A Broker was able to save over 13k on block insurance
  • Resolved a serious building issue (which was deemed ‘unsolveable’ by previous agent) within mnonths
  • Turned a ‘constantly out of action’ lift into a reliable one
  • Gave the residents and Directors something to smile about following years of poor management