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How to resource your application:

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There are three routes you can take with your Right-to-Manage application:

1. Do it yourself

Option 1 is to do it yourself. This would entail filling out all the paperwork, setting up the company, issuing the notice on the Freeholder, and dealing with any responses, objections or counter notices (that are sent back from the Freeholders Solicitor once you have served your notice) yourself.

Keep in mind, the RTM was designed to be accessible, and so the paperwork needed for an application is relatively straightforward (and available here). Setting up a company is also easy, and ltd companies can be bought ‘off the shelf’. If you live in a small property, if there are no complicating factors or grey areas (like these), or particularly – if the Freeholder is happy with your application and you don’t think they will contest it, this could be a good option for you.

2. A firm of Solicitors

Option 2 is to use a lawyer. There are lots of good firms out there who specialise in property, or large firms with property teams. Some of these have individual practitioners who specialse further, and concentrate on enfranchisements and management takeovers. If you are going to using a lawyer our advice would definitely be to seek out a specialist. We cant see the argument to use a lawyer unless its one that specialises.

If your application is likely to be complex or contentious, using a lawyer could be the best option, if for no other reason that it will create peace of mind – an important consideration if you are trying to coral together a large group of residents. It will also cost the most.

3. A specialist who isn’t a lawyer

Option 3 is a specialist who isn’t a lawyer and there are several practitioners (that we know of) who do nothing other than Right to Manage Applications. Their argument is that you don’t need a law degree when you’ve completed so many applications that you know the process inside out. There are merits to this argument – particularly if you are confident that your application is on a sure footing.

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