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MeetThe Team:

We resource our portfolio properly, and look after our clients properties

with a 22 strong man team of experienced, customer-focussed professionals

Property Team

Our Property Managers are all have solid professional credentials, strong customer-focus, and manageable portfolios

Nigel Thomas

Senior Property Manager

16 years Property Management Experience, after a career in Technical Sales for a large photographic Company. Has worked for a large residents association managing a 50-building Portfolio of Mansion Blocks around NW3, a boutique Property Manager based in Chelsea which managed a prime portfolio (mainly on the Cadogan and Grosvenor Estates), and has spent time ‘client side’ managing a large Central London based portfolio for a high net worth individual. Has masses of experience on the more technical aspects of management, like Major Works process and large shared systems (heating and power etc).

A 1890’s stucco building NW3 consisting of 7 or 8 tremendously high value properties and (amongst others) home to a ‘Dentist to the Stars’ dental practice and a famous artist. The problem was a structurally unsound concrete entrance hall floor, and all initial proposals saw no conceivable way to rectify it without turfing the residents out and closing the building for 6 weeks. On the 11th tender managed found a structural engineer and contractor who engineered a complex plan to run the project and keep the building open. Against all the odds the project ran smoothly.

Very (very) hands on and likes to look at all managed buildings as regularly as possible. If theres a problem, unless its simple, go and look at it. A strong belief in the importance of having a technical understanding of how buildings work. Specialist knowledge is definitely required for period buildings

Rides motorbikes and watch’s football. A bit of travel, not enough. Forbidden from cooking (too many black marks). Reading Modern literature, and claims to read industry periodicals. Couldn’t decide if his favourite film was Three Colours Blue or Apocalypse Now and would like most like to meet Neil Armstrong.

Luke Waller

Senior Property Manager

6 Years in Property Management, and prior to this a Graduate Diploma in Facility Management. First job was for a large independent in East London, and from here to the one of the biggest Managing Agents in The Country. At the most, has managed upwards of 800 units all across London including small blocks, large estates, and everything in between). Loves Property Management, and wants to get a RICS accreditation.

A 150+ Estate in Reading. It was a new instruction and the client was a Residents Management Company with 7 Directors. The previous Agent hadn’t performed well and trust was thin on the ground. The clients were subjected to a relentless six-month barrage of over-performance, during which time every aspect of a detailed Service Level Agreement was over-delivered upon, in half the time. Other than (obviously) accepting my job offer for HAUS, my ‘career best’ was the letter of thanks the board eventually sent me

A firm believer that a Property Management offering needs to be underpinned with solid systems. The Devil is in the detail. Other than this, lots of inspections are essential. Its not realistic to manage property from behind a desk. Not always possible, but try to overdeliver – and not by under promising. Always read the lease!

Plays football and cricket. Goes to more music festivals than John Peel. When asked for this biog “Who is the person from history you’d most like to meet?” Answered “Jim Carey”. Genuinely.

Bethel Tedros

Property Manager

Has a degree in Maths and Finance, and is currently studying for a Masters in Property Finance. Previously worked for Savils as an interior services coordinator where she managed high-end refurbishment and furnishing projects for residential properties in Central London. Before that worked for Foxtons as a move-consultant


Happily, one of ours. A building called Cedar place where we are sorry to admit the previous manager let things slip, and an outstanding project-list grew to an unacceptable level. After one of the clients escalated their concerns to a Director the property was moved to Beth, and within 3 months all outstanding works were completed and the clients happy enough to leave a golden review on our Trustpilot account

Focuses on client satisfaction, and HAUS management have never received so much as a murmur of disquiet from one of her clients. Likes to keep a good relationship with her preferred contractors, and as can be expected of someone with a maths degree – likes to keep a firm grip on her properties finances.

When not at work likes hanging out with family and friends. Likes films, but not lord of the rings. Listens to contemporary Ethiopian music. Volunteers through a local church (Finsbury Park), teaching and is a keen churchgoer. Hates cooking, likes eating (out). Bethel is our most (and possibly only) spiritual team member

Donna Meyrick

Property Manager

Holds a Degree in Marine Biology with 13 years of International Property and Asset Management Experience in Dubai and London. Currently managing a selection of large residential blocks throughout London – and previously managed a diverse portfolio in Dubai of residential, commercial and retail outlets and a number of large schemes in the Docklands area

A 58 storey Commercial Building (Ubora Tower) placed in the heart of Dubai’s CBD, Business Bay. The property is a local landmark scheme and Donna was involved from completion, which included designing many of the properties service schedules, dealing with elements of the fit out, and eventually managing a major Lobby redesign – which included the installation of a gourmet café. The clients were a firm of Korean Asset Managers and Bankers, who were ‘challenging’ (but rewarding)

A self-confessed systems fanatic, who maintains the tidiest desk in HAUS history (tidy desk=tidy mind). Also hands-on, and visits all her properties at least once a month. Believes in the power of communication, and understands that clients need to see results!
A true sport freak. Tennis, running, played in the Dubai Rugby Sevens, and loves netball. As one would expect from an ex Marine-Biologist, has keen interest in all things aquatic. Has two dogs, one of which is very badly behaved (and on that basis is not allowed in our office)

Yvette Valensky

Property Manager

Yvette started her career in Property 7 years ago, working as a project manager for a specialist who supplied Home Information Packs into the Agency sector. She then worked as a Block Manager for a well known UK independent where she managed 25 buildings (comprising around 1000 individual properties) in London

A tremendously involved (and highly challenging) build, which saw four new floors (and 20 flats), being added to the top of an existing and fully occupied seven-storey residential building. The project took one-and-a-half years in total, and involved arbitrating between contractor, residents and freeholder. Its fair to say tempers frayed at various stages of the project, however it was ultimately completed to everyone’s satisfaction – including the sixty incumbent owners, for whom she negotiated a large service charge rebate  

Another systems nerd, who fanatically crams information into our management software. Speaks to all of her clients as regularly as possible (understanding that property management is a ‘relationships’ business), and religiously returns all communications on a same-day basis
Roller Derby! Apparently this is a contact sport involving roller skates, and she plays twice a week for a local team. Listens to Coldplay, and likes to cook Thai food.

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Mez Patel

Property Manager

Home grown talent. Has Worked with us for 6 years after a HND in Business Administration. Started as a lettings administrator, then a lettings Property Manager, then an Assistant Block Manager. Was promoted to Block Manager 18 months ago and has been managing her own portfolio of 25 buildings ever since. Most of Mez’s portfolio are purpose built and are of varying sizes
A challenging substantial building in East London, which was a rare freeholder instruction – and came complete with a large number of very unhappy occupants. For the fist three months was generally on site three times a week, and regularly fielded upwards of 50 emails a day from its owners and residents. Over the course of a year I changed the door entry system and made the building secure, restructured the cleaning, oversaw a roof overhaul, found a contractor who could fix the (disastrous) lift, and at least a hundred other things. I rebuilt the owners trust in our profession and (not that I don’t love them dearly) – I never hear from anyone in the building anymore.
Sort out the small stuff quickly. Todays small problems are tomorrow’s major drama’s. Always update everyone, even if its to tell them there’s no news. Keep emails as brief as possible. Don’t blow hot air.
Watches an unhealthy amount of box sets (of indiscriminate quality), cooks a lot and would like to tour India. Favourite Film is Shawshank Redemption and would have liked to have met Princess Diana. Doesn’t really like curry

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