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Project Description

Ment House, London Fields

SIZE: 48 Units                                     AREA: London Fields, E8                                             CLIENT: Residents Committee

A 48 unit mixed-use development in London Fields (directly opposite the Park).

We were approached by a member of an informal Residents Committee, who had been collectively campaigning the Freeholder to stop self-managing and appoint an agent of their choosing. He finally agreed and we were their chosen agent as we were referred by an existing client.

In the twelve months following our instruction we made huge strides forward and resolved most of the properties vast number of longstanding maintenance issues (some of which dated back to completion some four years prior), eliminated unnecessary expenditure and demonstrated large savings on running costs, mediated and (slightly!) improved the fractious relationship between The Freeholder and Residents, drastically improved the turnaround time on all maintenance items, drove home a number of major building improvement initiatives including a completely new door and access system and an overhaul of the roof, put in place a regular meeting and inspection regime involving monthly residents meetings and twice-monthly inspections, and above all – rebuilt trust and confidence amongst residents in the management regime.

AUS – Grasping the chalice and taking responsibility for the content
Haus walk a delicate line at Ment where the Landlord is the contracting party. Historically the Landlord has been in charge of the maintenance and liaised with the Residents’ Association with all the expected challenges.

2013 saw Haus stand in the middle between the RA and the Landlord, developing an improved relationship with both sides. We’ve still got challenges, but then again, who doesn’t. What we have had is a good level of pragmatic discussion around issues and resolution of some significant running issues that the RA had been burning its own time on for a long while. In summary, you shouldn’t blame the piano player for a bad tune and with Ment, they have made it easier to listen to and improved it. Not the finished article, but getting there.

Thanks to Gareth, Richard and the team.

MIke Nelsey, Chairman - Ment House Residents Commitee


  • Significantly reduced running costs eg, a broker was able to demonstrate a £19,750 saving on insurance alone!
  • Oversaw a large number of major projects and improvements in a short period
  • Implemented a hands-on regime. Monthly residents meetings and in excess of weekly visits for the first 6 months
  • Created large numbers of happy clients, where before there were none!