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Project Description

Ilminster Gardens, Clapham

SIZE: 14 Units                                             AREA: Clapham, SW11                                     CLIENT: RMC

Ilminster Gardens comprises of 6 flats and 8 freehold houses that share an underground car park. The development has two companies, one for the leaseholders and one for freeholders, they are bound by a Deed of Contribution (to govern contributions to the estate).

The previous agents had walked away as residents in the two companies had found themselves at loggerheads over how the estate was best run. This isn’t an uncommon problem however the added complication of two clients (in one) with different priorities and goals, always creates a challenge! Where we differed from the previous agent was a willingness to resource the mediation process as well as day-to-day management, and so we put ourselves forward for the tender of new management.

In the 3 months leading up to our official appointment we undertook many meetings with the leaseholders and freeholders. The Deed of Contribution that was set up prior to the sale of the houses was creating more problems than it was solving. An additional Deed of Variation had to be created that solved most of the issues and struck a better middle ground between the two companies. We mediated between the two parties whilst remaining fiercely impartial – no easy task!

A Cut Above
My previous experiences with property management companies has not been good, but then I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Haus. It’s still early days but what a breath of fresh air. After successfully guiding us through the RTM process, they’ve now taken over management of our building, systematically undoing the damage caused by the previous companies. Haus are approachable and genuinely seem to care about being great at what they do – getting results for us quickly, professionally and to a high standard, with consideration for good value.

Property management as it should be!

Jon, SE1


  • Renegotiated concierge contract to reflect the demands of leaseholders
  • Resolved historical financial issues