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Project Description

Fynne Court, Edgeware

SIZE: 17 Units                                      AREAEdgware                                             CLIENT: RMC (newly formed)

A 17 unit block which is part of a large new Barrats development in Edgware

The residents were frustrated by a poor service from the Freeholders agents and felt that their interests weren’t represented and that they had no effective ‘voice’ with which to raise issues with the Freeholder.  This was with specific reference to Estate Charges, which they did not feel were clearly explained.

We were recommended to a number of the residents by an existing client, and helped galvanize the 50% of them necessary in order to secure the right to appoint their own managing agent (through the RTM process). This involved hosting a number of onsite meetings in to help mobilise owners and residents,  and guiding them through the process of setting up a Management Company, appointing Directors, procuring the 50% of residents ‘votes’ needed to move forward, and finally – forcing the Freeholder to accept their bid to control their own property

Great first impressions
We have just started to work with Haus Block over the last four weeks as they begin to take over the management of the building which contains 24 flats, and the service has been very good. Richard from Haus has attended the building on several occasions, has made an effort to meet all the directors of the residents association and has been generally very helpful offering sound advice. What our previous management company made hard work and slow progress, Richard has been solution focused. A couple of quick wins by this company include resolving a guttering issue that the previous company failed to deal with and finding a solution that is significantly cheaper, and also a better grasp of how to save money to reduce the service charge bill. Well done Haus, it’s still early days but we are impressed by what we have seen so far
Brad, IG1


  • Chaired first meeting between residents and estate managers in 4 years!
  • Effectively represented residents with ‘the estate’, and opened a communication channel which had been closed for years.
  • Resolving a long-standing parking problem between the estate and residents within 3 months